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About Efiko Academy

Who are we?

We strive to empower professionals to take the front lines in building a climate-friendly, regenerative, equitable economy. 


/eˈfiko/ : effect, impact.

We build the one-stop training hub for professionals seeking to sharpen their impact investing and management skills. We’re expert-led, community-focused and offer hands-on learning contents for a laser focus on what matters to create positive contributions to people and the planet.

graph explaining what social impact is
Why we exist

Our story

At Efiko we believe we need to act upon the purpose of business and investments. The externalisation of pollution, the fast accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few and the degradation of ecosystems have made many people aware of the ways in which business and the financial systems can harm the wellbeing of our planet and society
We design impact training courses to people and teams that seek to deploy capital or build solutions that generate positive social and environmental value. We do this in partnership with leading standard setters and international experts.

At Efiko, we strive to empower you and your team members to maximise the societal impact of your work.

Our approach

What makes us unique


We believe in the power of bringing voices from various walks of life together to tackle our common problems. Diversity is an imperative to move away from biased solutions and erroneous understandings of problems. It empowers us to effectively tackle a wide array of issues.


Online education should be everything but a passive, hands-off experience. It is by applying what you hear to your own reality and interacting with others that you truly understand the value of what you have learned.


We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We work together with standard setters and experts to convene and showcase best-practices that are widely accepted, yet considered forward-thinking in the sector.

Our team

We're a diverse team of creative and passionate people

Louis Wouters co-founder Efiko Academy

Louis Wouters

Co-Founder & COO

Timothy Lambert co-founder Efiko Academy

Timothy Lambert

Co-Founder & CEO

Camila Cote Zapata

Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Ha Vu

Ha Vu

Digital Marketeer

Naomi May

Product Designer

Antara Ballal

Customer hero

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