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Live conversations on Impact Investing and Management

Impact measurement standards: how to see the forest for the trees

A quick search on ChatGPT for “what impact measurement standards should my organisation comply with?” reveals a long list of options – from GRI, GIIRS, IRIS+, BCorp and many, many more – enough to discourage you, before even getting started. In a webinar with Impact Specialist Sara Lisa Ørstavik from SDG Impact and Ben Carpenter from Social Value International (SVI), we discussed how one could navigate the Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) Standards landscape and tips to help them identify the most relevant ones.

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How to embed impact incentives into deal making

Watch our one-hour conversation with industry experts and practitioners and discover how impact incentives can help you better structure deals and explore our training opportunity of Innovative Impact Deal Structuring by FASE to advance your practice.

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Webinar on tech for impact management with unmesh sheth and veronica olazabal

Using Tech for Impact Management

What is the role tech can play to make real impact management feasible? How should you identify appropriate technological solutions and what should you consider when implementing it in your work?

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