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What is the role of tech to make real impact management feasible?

In order to implement impact measurement and management (IMM) at scale, more tools are required for efficient aggregation of impact data and decision making. So what role does technology play in making real impact management feasible and how should enterprises identify appropriate technological solutions?

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Using Tech for Impact Management

What is the role tech can play to make real impact management feasible? How should you identify appropriate technological solutions and what should you consider when implementing it in your work?

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4 steps to effective stakeholder engagement infographic

4 steps for effective stakeholder engagement

To effectively measure and manage social and environmental impact, numerous measurement methodologies mention engaging with stakeholders as a key practice. Although stakeholder engagement seems like a simple process, there is still a lack of adequate implementation. So how can we effectively engage with stakeholders and act upon the outcomes to improve operations while maximising the impact of our work?

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Light bulb Leveraging impact data to grow your business intelligence

Leveraging impact data for business growth

Data, a key tool in the world of finance, yet often ignored in the scene of social impact management. But how to manage without measuring? Experts Lina and Pieter explain their views and share their tips on leveraging impact data.

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