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Green Friday Action

Black Friday is raging worldwide, pushing millions of consumers to purchase goods at discounted prices. For a growing number of people, this event is another symptom of unbridled consumerism, one of the drivers of climate change.

Nonetheless, it is a fact that prices determine who can or cannot access certain products or services. We must admit that not all produced goods are a source of negative environmental or social impact. In our opinion, this is the case for online social and environmental impact education.

We particularly think that sustainability education should be widely accessible if we are to realise the economic and societal transition we aspire to. Too often still, sustainability education opportunities are only accessible to the privileged few and exclude those working at the forefront of social and climate change.

Therefore, we commit to contributing to Green Friday by offering our training courses at inclusive prices for a week. In this way, taking a step in the right direction to make impact education accessible to all who need it, and fostering the dissemination of knowledge and skills that will unlock positive changes.

This inclusive pricing period will start on Friday 24th of November and run until Tuesday 5th of December 2023.

We hope this opportunity will help you advance your professional goals wherever you are operating around the world!

The Efiko Academy Team

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