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Join the next social business financing cohort to learn how to structure impact investments

Fundamentals of Impact Investing

Make a head start in investing or raising impact funds. Learn about impact investment strategies, best practices along the investment process, and trends.

6 hours of e-learning

Introductory level

Exam & certificate of completion

In a nutshell

Impact investing is set to become the norm for the financial sector. This trend calls for investment professionals and entrepreneurs equipped with core knowledge and skills to excel at investing or raising capital to achieve positive impacts alongside financial returns. This course will help you gain a robust understanding of the impact finance ecosystem, its unique practices along the investment process and the key trends shaping its future. Developed together with thought leaders and practitioners, you will get practical insights and examples that will inspire and empower you to confidently engage in this space.
Learning goals

What you will learn

Experts contributing to the course

Together with leading experts

Cécile is the Co-founder and portfolio manager of TIIME, an active member of the TONIIC community and an advisor to several EU impact funds. Cécile is currently teaching at various universities all over Europe on the topic of impact investing, gender-smart investing and social entrepreneurship

We developed this course in partnership with TIIME, a leading advocacy, advisory and education provider focused on Impact Investing, as well as leading impact investment practitioners working at CANDRIAM, Big Society Capital, Tilia Impact Ventures and other pioneering funds.

Sample of Certificate of Fundamentals of Impact Investing Course

Earn a valuable certification

Upon successfully completing the course and passing the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion delivered by Efiko Academy and TIIME.

Impact Investing Fundamentals

Course modules

Module 1: The imperative to make impact investing mainstream 🕒 30 mins

Learn about the sustainable transition taking place in the finance industry and the true meaning of impact investing.

  • Video 1: Heading into the Wall
  • Video 2: The Call for Change
  • Video 3: The Need to Align Efforts
  • Video 4: Enterprise Impact Contributions
  • Video 5: Investor Contribution Strategies
  • Video 6: The Rise of Impact Investing
  • Video 7: Today’s Impact Investing Market
  • Video 8: Key Takeaways
  • Practitioners Insight: TONIIC about the main trends in the sector
  • Reading: IISD - Circularity Gap Report 2023
  • Exercises

Module 2: Unravel the diversity of impact investment strategies 🕒 40 mins

Impact investing comes in many shapes and forms. Discover the spectrum of impact capital and the diversity of actors, their purpose and approach.

  • Video 1: Sustainable Finance Strategies
  • Video 2: Negative Screening
  • Video 3: ESG Integration
  • Video 4: Impact Investing defined
  • Video 5: Investing With Impact
  • Video 6: Investing For Impact
  • Video 7: Impact-only investing
  • Video 8: Deep Dive into Financial Returns
  • Video 9: Key Takeaways
  • Practitioner Insight: TIIME about the hurdles to effective impact investing
  • Reading: Fortune - What is ESG Investing?
  • Reading: Wealth Briefing - New Wave of Philanthropists: Key Characteristics
  • Exercises

Module 3: Key trends, challenges and regulation pieces shaping the future of the sector 🕒 30 mins

Impact investing is nearing a tipping point and is bound to become mainstream. Discover the key trends and challenges affecting its development.

  • Video 1: Key Trends in Impact Investing
  • Video 2: Thematic Specialisation of Impact Funds
  • Video 3: The Fight Against Impact Washing
  • Video 4: The Advent of Impact-Linked Finance
  • Video 5: From Single to Double Materiality
  • Video 6: EU Taxonomy
  • Video 7: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  • Video 8: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
  • Video 9: Key Takeaways
  • Practitioners Insight: Innpact about the EU taxonomy
  • Reading: Ananda - Impact Carry Model
  • Reading: Athena - Case Study - Linking Gender Impact to Financial Incentives to a Fund Structure
  • Reading: BDO - Sustainability and ESG-related Regulations are on the Rise Globally
  • Exercises

Module 4: Pipeline sourcing and management (coming soon in October)

Learn the practical and sometimes innovative ways investors identify mission-aligned and high potential impact investment opportunities.

Module 5: Investment screening and due diligence (coming soon in October)

Gain insights into the peculiar impact and financial screening and due diligence practices applied by leading impact investors.

Module 6: Innovative impact investment structuring (coming soon in October)

Discover the innovative terms and investment structures that impact investors can use to support ventures with diverse goals.

Module 7: Adding value and managing to responsible exit (coming soon in October)

Discover how impact investors manage toward positively contributing to venture’s success, and key tips for responsibly exiting investments.
Delivery mode | Impact Investing Fundamentals

Choose the delivery that works best for you

Black girl studying alone with books illustration

Autonomous learning (Early bird)

The learning experience that fits your busy working schedule and allows you to learn at your own pace from wherever you are. Access a neat online course structured around bite-sized videos and a wealth of resources that guide you in understanding impact investment strategies.

Targeted release date
Module 4-7: October 2023

Webinar online course with someone explaining on a laptop screen illustration

Social learning

€480 (VAT incl.)

Spice up your learning journey by blending the online course with a set of live interactive sessions to meet with like-minded peers and share experiences with the group and the trainers. You will get a chance to take part in case-study-based exercises where you analyse and recommend an investment structure to scale a social business.

Social package | Impact Investing Fundamentals

Cohort schedule

Cohort January 2024 (8 seats left)

Register before October 18 for a 10% Early Bird discount!

  • Thursday, January 11
  • Thursday, January 18
  • Thursday, January 25

From 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM CET

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Did you know that 92% of our course takers are satisfied? That’s why we boldly guarantee that our courses will not let you down. Contact me in case you have any questions about our courses.
Co-founder of Efiko Academy, Timothy
Any questions?

Contact Timothy

Did you know that 92% of our course takers are satisfied? That’s why we boldly guarantee that our courses will not let you down. Didn’t get what you expected from the course? Let us know and get a full reimbursement up to 15 days as an Autonomous Learner, or up to 5 days as a Social Learner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This course is designed for professionals eager to engage in or transition into impact investing as well as entrepreneurs seeking to raise impact funding who are willing to understand the operating model of impact investors. The course will be particularly relevant for freshly recruited professionals who have joined a public or private sustainable or impact fund, a family office or a foundation. It will also be meaningful to entrepreneurs seeking to raise impact funding as well as consultants, coaches and academics.
We offer different secure payment options: from Credit card payment to PayPal or Bank transfer. Upon registering for the course you will be guided to a secured checkout page where you will be able to indicate your preferred payment method.
Yes, you can request an invoice at before or after your purchase of the course. Please make sure to provide us with your company name, tax number and headquarter address.
The e-learning is delivered in English. The e-learning course includes English subtitles.
Sure, reach out to if you wish to take the course with several colleagues, partners or other constituencies.
Every transaction on Efiko is performed and secured using Stripe, an international reliable payment processor.
Efiko Academy is located in Europe and its official currency is therefore the Euro (€). This does not mean that you cannot pay with another currency. Stripe, our payment processor, offers payments in 130+ different currencies. PayPal also allows you to make a transfer using a vast array of currencies. In case you encounter any issues or have any questions about this topic, please contact us at

Yes, we do offer reimbursement on the course in case you’re not satisfied with it. The reimbursement applies following these conditions:

a) Up to 15 calendar days after you enrolled on the course;
b) The guarantee applies up until you consume 20% of the course content.

This course is mainly designed to train beginners to intermediate-level impact finance practitioners. The complexity of the content increases with every chapter, but many examples, exercises and case studies will help you build self-confidence and a deep understanding of each dimension of the curriculum.
The e-learning is accessible 24/7, which means that you can start right now and complete the course at your own pace over a period of 365 days.

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