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Book an in-house training programme and embed social impact at the core of your organisation with tailored learning tracks. 

What people say about us
Impact Management course testimonial of Karl Daly founder at Humanli

“I found the Impact Management online course and the weekly live sessions with EFIKO to be really powerful. This combination has brought me forward in my learning and filled me with confidence to apply my new knowledge through my business and work towards my goal of making social impact possible.”

Founder and Social Impact specialist at Humanli
What you get

The in-house training package

From impact management essentials to outcome valuation and impact reporting, all taught by leading experts and practitioners.

Online learning video zoom videocall to take an online course

Live sessions

Learn from bite-sized online video content spiced up with a wealth of exercises and case studies.


Join an interactive community platform with communication channels dedicated to your team.

online impact course with deep dives on topics relevant to your team

Relevant topics

Tailor the live sessions with deep-dives on topics that are most relevant to your organisation and let your team collaborate on shared cases.

remote team corporate training online

Case studies

Get tailored feedback on your work through live sessions delivered by leading experts and exclusively dedicated to your team.

Our course contributors

Learn from leading experts


Impact management at the heart of your organisation

Maximise the social impact of organisations by learning how to collect data that matters and leverage it for strategic and operational decisions. You will learn from leading experts and practitioners how to create a compelling impact strategy, measure results and generate powerful reports. 


Whether you’re part of an Impact Fund, Foundation, Consultancy or a mission-driven enterprise, Efiko for Teams gives you the power to upskill your team to make better, impact-driven decisions. 

High five teamwork collaboration working together

What people say about us

Arnout Braet sustainaibility consultant testimonial

“Before I discovered Efiko, I had been looking for the right online learning solution for quite some time. Efiko really provides the interactive experience that most reinforces my learning. There is a great depth of content on the platform and the expert has been able to complement this with the relevant advice tailored to my work.”

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