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Become a lead trainer on Efiko Academy

Do you have relevant experience in deploying capital for impact or building impact-driven organisations and a passion for empowering people with new skills and knowledge? Then you might be our next lead trainer.

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We make your expertise and insights improve the work and careers of thousands of practitioners across the globe... and they seem to like it

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What trainers say about partnering with us

Laura Catana

European Investor Relations Manager

“What I love the most about working with Efiko is that we’re really a team. Designing the course and working on the scripts can feel lonely at times, but with Efiko I’ve never really felt alone. They are there to support with ideas, feedback, as well as very hands-on contributions to turn your scripts into exercises or slides. I really feel they add great value in transforming our knowledge into high-quality learning materials!”

Adam Richards

Director of Impact at Social Value International

“The team at Efiko approach everything with a focus on excellence! They are driven to create training programmes that deliver world-class learning opportunities, tailored to meet the needs of learners – and that laser like focus is key to everything they do. Working with the team at Efiko has been a great experience – we have collectively created content that delivers important issues effectively.”

Why Efiko Academy?

We help you build a reputation, grow the impact of your ideas and experience, and generate a supplement to your income.


Grow your audience and network

Help thousands of impact practitioners in our community gain new skills and advance their careers

Build a reputation as an expert trainer

Expand your professional network and reach the Efiko community and beyond

Earn an additional source of income

Do what you love, build your expertise and gain financial flexibility from it

Our platform takes care of all the administration

Onboarding and support

Learners arrive prepared in your training or live class


Access regular updates on track record and registrations

Student Dashboard and platform

Interact with learners in one place without hassle

Video conferencing

Use Zoom rooms tailored for teaching


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