Copywriting and Web Design




In this role, you will be responsible for:

Creating and editing original copy that is accurate, well-researched, and meets client/company needs for website and digital marketing purposes
Conducting research and interviewing Efiko-stakeholders for blog and article writing
Maintaining and creating website content and optimise UX/UI experience
Co-developing brand guidelines and driving brand consistency across all company communications
Co-planning and executing communication campaigns to promote courses and early-bird opportunities

the talent we are looking for

If you recognise yourself in the following areas, then we warmly invite you to apply for this job opportunity.

Who you are:

  1. Client-centric and detail-oriented
  2. Creative, out-of-the-box thinker
  3. A passion for sustainability, social impact, and education
  4. Natural and engaging communicator
  5. “Can do” attitude (proactive problem detecting and solving)
  1. Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills with a diligent eye for detail, language, flow, and grammar
  2. Ability to test, learn and improve website journeys
  3. Familiarity with keyword research and SEO copywriting best practices
  4. English fluency (both written and verbal) 
  5. Prior experience with WordPress and Elementor is a plus


Minimum 1 year of relevant experience in content marketing or copywriting, including SEO copywriting best practices (can be non-job related) required

what we offer

A fantastic full-time job opportunity in a fast growing impact startup

Intensive learning and personal development

Up to three days of remote work allowed per week

Daily interactions with the team and co-founders

Competitive contract terms

Join our team and launch your career in social impact
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About Efiko as an employer

Efiko Academy is the online learning platform for individuals and companies seeking to build skills that matter for maximising the social and environmental impact of their work. We partner with international experts to build practical and interactive online courses that empower learners with skills to support companies, non-profits and investment funds in developing better sustainability practices.

Efiko's manifesto

Our manifesto captures what we consider to be essential to revolutionise the world of impact education.

Human associations of all kinds need to be accountable for their effects on people and the planet and work towards achieving a sustainable, fair, and happy world – for us and for our grand grandchildren.

There are as many learning styles as there are colours in a rainbow. We believe in the power of personalising learning experiences to the context and profile of learners and giving them the opportunity to learn in many different ways.