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We are committed to making our courses affordable to everyone. Price shouldn’t be a barrier to learn about sustainability and impact best- practises.

We can offer scholarships on our training tracks if you have a strong motivation for taking a particular course, and:

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  • You are a job seeker or student based in a high-income country

The Inclusivity Program Committee will carefully review your application and reply within two weeks. It is to the sole discretion of the Committee to decide whether or not to grant a discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Social Impact Measurement & Management course offers 8 hours of content taught by Dr. Adam Richards and 12 hours of practical exercises, case studies and practical insights from leading international experts. 

You obtain the certificate of completion by following the 8 hours compulsory content delivered by Dr. Adam Richards.

The certificate is a valuable asset if you seek to work in sustainability consulting, impact investing or for a non-profit or social enterprise. It will position you for roles related to Fundraising, Measurement & Evaluation, Impact Investing and Product & Service design. Moreover, the course is Accredited by Social Value International and will allow you to progress on the pathway to becoming an Accredited Social Value Practitioner.

This course is mainly designed to train beginners and intermediate level practitioners. The complexity of the content increases with every chapter but many examples, exercises and case studies will help you build self-confidence and deep understanding in each dimension of the curriculum. 

If you are an advanced practitioner, this course may offer advantages as well. It will allow you to join live sessions with experts and get tailored feedback on your cases or questions. It is also a way to secure a valuable certification and let your current impact strategy be challenged by the trainer.

All live sessions are recorded and made available for the students of your cohort. If you miss a session, you can catch up by rewatching the recording. As the value of the Social Package lies in the networking opportunity and learning from & with peers and the expert, we ask to be present for at least half of the sessions.

The Autonomous package includes 20+ hours of bite-sized video content and a wealth of case studies, practitioner insights and exercises. You will have access to the downloadable Impact Map, a tool to measure the impact of your activity, and be invited to join a diverse community of Impact Practitioners on the Efiko community platform. 


The Social package includes everything of the Autonomous package, plus 6 live sessions of 90 minutes with the lead trainer and 10-15 peers spread over 2 months. It allows you to ask your questions live and get support from the expert trainer. You will have access to the recordings in case you would miss a session.


Both the Autonomous and Social package are accredited by Social Value International and come with the Certificate of Completion, allowing you to progress on the SVI practitioner pathway.

In all packages, you’re invited to join the community platform where you can ask your burning questions. 

If you’re enrolled as a Social Learner, you’re also invited to ask any question you have in the live sessions with the trainer. The lead trainer of the course will draw up an agenda based upon the learners' questions. 

In other cases, is always open for questions.

For now, the course is only available in English.

The content will soon be subtitled in various languages.

The start of the next cohort for the Social Learners is indicated on the pricing page. Register as soon as possible as places are limited. However, if you can’t wait, you can access all material and follow your first lessons already before the starting date!

Do you prefer to study on your own and at your own pace? That’s also possible with the Autonomous package, which allows you to plan your learnings whenever fits you best.

Yes, we offer the option to pay with credit card (Mastercard, VISA) or PayPal. If you would like to pay with your debit card, we advise you to create a free prepaid PayPal account here and use it to make your payment.

Every transaction on Efiko is performed and secured by Stripe, a reliable payment processor.

Yes, you can secure several tickets at once by contacting us at Include the number of people you would like to enroll and your preferred course delivery mode (autonomous vs social package).

We offer also B2B/group offers. If you’re interested, please have a look at our team page and request a demo.

Yes, Stripe processes payments in 130+ currencies. PayPal also allows you to convert money to a different currency.

In case less than 5 people participate in your cohort, we will offer you two options: (1) to join another cohort or (2) full reimbursement of the course.

Yes, we can provide an invoice or proof of purchase so you can get reimbursed by your employer or company. Simply reach out to us at stating the course name and package you'd like to take and for how many people. 

Didn’t get what you expected from the course? Get a full reimbursement.

How to ask for a reimbursement? 
Simply email with your reimbursement request. We’ll review it and give it a swift response based on the aforementioned criteria.

  1. The reimbursement applies up to 15 calendar days after you enrolled to the course or up until 5 days after the introductory session if you register as Social Learner;
  2. The guarantee applies up until you consume 20% of the course content;
  3. The reimbursed amount is equal to what you paid minus transaction costs (c.5%).
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