Embedding Impact Incentives into Deal Making
IMPACT measurement & management

Starting with Impact Measurement

Learn the most widely-accepted foundational practices of impact management whilst getting to know the main standards and discovering how to kickstart the journey for any organisation.

Alicia Richins
Lead Trainer

Partnerships and Standards Lead,
Common Approach to Impact Measurement

Learning Goals

What you will learn

  • Beginner level

  • Certification

  • Self paced

  • 2 hours of content

Target audience

This course is designed for


Entrepreneurs and managers working within
enterprises and non-profits that seek a
pragmatic and stakeholder-centred
approach to impact measurement.

Team members

Members of teams working on social innovation, program design or monitoring and evaluation within impact ventures or non-profit organisations

Starting with impact measurement

Course modules

The course is structured around 3 chapters and 9 lessons and introduces a set of practices and tools that every organisation can implement to establish robust impact measurement foundations.

In this Chapter, you will take a step back to understand some of the main terms in the world of impact measurement. Then with your understanding of impact made clear, we will dive into exploring when you would and would not choose to measure your impact. Once you've deemed impact measurement right for you, then we'll take an overview of the minimum standard of impact measurement i.e. the Common Foundations, and how they relate to renowned frameworks (UNSDGs, IRIS+, SROI, etc.)

In this Chapter, you will explore each of the 5 essential practices of the Common Foundations, and identify how they can support your organisation. We will introduce case study examples and insights from experienced entrepreneurs to inspire and inform you about key challenges and best-practices.

In this Chapter, we will dive a bit deeper into the practice of Impact Measurement communication, and discuss ways to avoid common pitfalls and challenges. Next, we will explore the ways that technology can help both the sector and your individual organisation. To conclude, we will take a look at getting your organisation ready for impact measurement practice, with a data-for-decision-making culture.

The Expert

Get to know your trainer

Lead Trainer

Alicia Richins

Alicia Richins is the Partnerships and Standards Lead at the Common Approach. She nurtures strategic partnerships, onboards organizations that formally adopt the standards, and stewards the technical development of the standards over time. Alicia is focused on collaborative work for a more equitable world. Through advocacy, capacity building and community building she ensures Common Approach remains community-driven and helps harness the power of a flexible approach to impact measurement.
Course Partner

More about Common Approach

The Common Approach to Impact Measurement is working towards better impact measurement for social purpose organizations by developing flexible, community-driven standards. The Common Approach has developed four community-driven standards: Common Foundations, Common Impact Data Standard, Common Framework and Common Form.

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Did you know that 92% of our course takers are satisfied? That’s why we boldly guarantee that our courses will not let you down. Didn’t get what you expected from the course? Let us know and get a full reimbursement up to 15 days as an Autonomous Learner, or up to 5 days as a Social Learner.


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This course is designed for Impact Entrepreneurs and Impact Employees that are new to impact measurement and keen to understand the essential practices and start implementing those.The complexity of the content increases with every chapter but many examples, exercises and case studies will help you build self-confidence and a deep understanding to navigate through the alphabet soup of methods and approaches.

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