Social Impact Measurement & Management

Learn to analyse the impact of projects and organisations, and use data to maximise positive outcomes.


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20 Hours of Content | +100 Exercises | +30 Case Studies

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Expert team

Course trainers

The online course is delivered by Dr. Adam Richards, a leading international impact measurement trainer. Adam's voice is amplified with practical and inspiring insights from experienced practitioners.


Dr. Adam Richards

Director of Impact,
Social Value International

Adam has advised hundreds of social enterprises, non-profit organisations and impact funds on how to turn impact measurement into a strategic tool to achieve greater impact.

To make the content as relevant as possible to your context and profile, the course is enriched with insights from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and consultants.

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Khulood Hindiyeh Sustainability consultant
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Sophie Robin Founding partner at Stone Soup Consulting
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Shawn Theunissen Founder at Property Point
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Lara Viada Investment Director at Creas
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Cecilia Pessana Impact Strategy Manager at Cofra Holding

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Jeremy Nicholls Non-executive DIrector at SVI
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Timour Scrève Sustainability Consultant at Credo
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Sneha Lakhotia Insights and Impact Lead


Join an international community of leading thought leaders by contributing to this course with a case study or a video-based practitioner insight.


What clients say about the course
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Alessio Start-up coach, Alterna

“As a startup coach I thought a lot about the optimal way to learn about impact management and Efiko turned out to be the best online course I can recommend.”

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Gaëlle Sr. Sustainability Consultant, EY

”I work with clients of all sizes that know that sustainability and impact become paramount within their strategy and reporting practices. Efiko allows me to combine theory and practice, in order to advise them in an efficient and impactful way.”

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Halima Associate consultant, Alvarez & Marhal

“I progressed along my learning goals far beyond what I ever thought I would on impact measurement.”

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Joanne Accredited SROI practitioner

"Great introduction to Impact Management. The learning materials are organised in small chunks that make learning easy to dip in and out of. Although I had a good understanding of impact management, the materials help me to clarify some of the principles and processes."

Client Photo
Mathew Measuring Social Value Officer at MANTELL GWYNEDD CYF

"Very good course, easy free flowing slides and process. Overall very happy. The bite size feeling on the course kept me engaged throughout. The exercises are useful and straight forward. I did really like the simplicity of the course. The team has done a great job!"


Our Partner

Social Value International (SVI) is a leading global standard setter for social value, Social Return on Investment (SROI) and impact management. It is a registered charity with 25 national networks across the world and members in over 45 countries. SVI works closely with international partners including the OECD, UNDP and contributes to the Impact Management Project (IMP) to set global standards for impact management.



Become an accredited practitioner

Certificate of Completion accredited by Social Value International. The course prepares individuals to apply for associate, accredited and advanced level practitioner status with SVI.


Impact Measurement

Master the content of this course

The online course is structured around Seven Chapters and 21 lessons taking you from the foundations to the practise of impact measurement and management.


Learn why impact measurement is a must for any organisation targeting social or environmental objectives. Get your head around the Impact Management Project’s 5 dimensions of Impact and the 7 Principles of Social Value.
Learn how to perform root cause problem analysis and define compelling impact goals. Then, start creating your Theory of Change to strategize the impacts you aim to create.
Learn how to identify stakeholders, define clear outputs and relevant outcomes. Once you get that right, you are ready to learn how to perform a materiality test.

Learn how to find or define suitable indicators to measure social and environmental outcomes. Make use of existing databases such as IRIS+ or GVE to find the indicators you need.

Learn how to apply valuation techniques to understand what really matters to your stakeholders. Learn about the different monetization approaches to communicate about impacts in a way that is widely understood.
Learn how to differentiate the changes that result from your activities versus the interventions of others. Learn about concepts such as deadweight, attribution and displacement and measure net impact.
Learn about the importance of embedding a culture of impact management. Get practical advise on how to report impact data and implement systems for taking data-informed decisions.

This course is accredited by Social Value International and provides a chance to earn the Social Value & SROI practitioner training certificate.