\e ‘fiko\ : impact. (Esperanto) 

Become a
Social Impact Leader

Learn social impact skills online to contribute in tackling the world’s most pressing problems. Whether you work for an enterprise, fund or organisation tackling social problems, our courses empower you through hands-on learning, interactions with experts and content that is tailored to your context and needs.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Learn at your own pace, when and where it fits you best. Our courses are delivered in short videos available on any device. Join a webinar during a train ride, complete an exercise while waiting for your friend, or watch a testimonial from an expert during your lunch break.

We equip you with the needed skills and knowledge to achieve high and lasting social impact.

Our courses are…

Highly practical
Learn by doing with over 100 exercises per course, case studies and testimonials

Join a community of peers, attend live sessions with experts and broaden your network

Every course offers a wealth of examples and testimonials tailored to your profile

Obtain certificates from renowned organisations

Efiko aims to help you grow as a person and advance your career. Every course therefore provides you with a valuable certificate upon completion.

Our mission

is to empower you in making a real difference in the world

Efiko is committed to accelerate the pace at which pressing social problems are being tackled. We do this by designing impact courses and making them accessible to everyone*.

*as a social enterprise we strive to make everything we do as accessible as possible under the constraint of covering our costs and being able to enhance the quality and reach of our courses

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