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We empower you with skills to effectively tackle social inequalities and environmental threats

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Our courses

Efiko Academy helps you to develop relevant impact and sustainability skills with on-demand courses co-created with leading experts and standard setters.

Impact Measurement & Management

Applying the Principles of Social Value

Adam Richards


4.6 (153 reviews)

Closing the Missing Middle

Innovative Impact Deal Structuring

Markus Freiburg & Laura Catana

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Screening for Impact

Applying the 5 Dimenstions of Impact

Stefanie Kneer

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What people say about us

Ashling M.
Ashling M.
Social Impact Researcher
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“The way Adam facilitated the group was fantastic, everyone got an opportunity to talk. Because of this approach I felt my perspective was valuable and important! Great for confidence!”
Dr. Elijah M.
Dr. Elijah M.
Lecturer Business School
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“I am happy to have been part of the Efiko Academy and specifically the cohort that has just completed the course. To this far, I appreciate and applaud the entire training team for exemplary presentation, content design and flow and linkage with the SVI Network driven by skill and passion.”
Anca P.
Anca P.
Associate Professor PhD
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"My favorite aspect was the mix of information, resources, testimonials and, of course the live sessions. They complemented each other and although they were challenging they were also inspiring and placed me in a state of mind that requires action. Looking forward to future learning opportunities. It was a truly happy learning experience!”
Sarah O.
Sarah O.
Program Manager
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"I mostly enjoyed the exercises and the real-life examples / testimonies by professionals who have learned and practiced the new knowledge. It helped me relate and find creative ways to use the knowledge in my daily work. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"
Levi K.
Levi K.
Management Consultant
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"Interactive brief videos, notes, Adam’s engaging & interactive sessions above all the measurement of Impact especially SROI stood out for me because it's what I have been seeking to know."
Matthew L.
Matthew L.
Social Value officer
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"Very good course, easy free flowing slides and process. Overall very happy. The bite size feeling kept me engaged throughout. The exercises are useful and straight forward. I did really like the simplicity of the course. The team has done a great job!"
Alessio B.
Alessio B.
Start-up coach
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“As a startup coach I thought a lot about the optimal way to learn about impact management and Efiko turned out to be the best online course I can recommend.”
Joanne A.
Joanne A.
Accredited SROI practitioner
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"Great introduction to Impact Management. The learning materials are organised in small chunks that make learning easy to dip in and out of. The materials help me clarify the principles and processes."

Learn anywhere, anytime

Learn skills for social impact at your own pace, when and where it fits you best. Our online courses are delivered in short videos available on any device. Join a webinar during a train ride, complete an exercise while waiting for your friend, or watch a testimonial from an expert during your lunch break.

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Our approach to impact education

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Learn by doing with bite-sized exercises, case studies and downloadable tools
Join a community of peers, attend live sessions with experts and broaden your network
Every course offers a wealth of exercises and practitioner insights tailored to your profile


Obtain certificates from renowned organisations

Efiko's online social impact programs aim to help you grow as a person and advance your career. Every course therefore provides you with a valuable certificate upon completion.



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