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“This course is a great tool to understand the steps that are needed to take towards making a real impact and knowing how to get started with an impact management process.”

Sustainability Manager at Mace, Mariana Pallarés, has recently completed the Impact Measurement: Applying the Principles of Social Value & SROI course, here at Efiko Academy.
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Mariana Pallarés
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Impact Measurement Applying Social Value & SROI

What was your motivation for taking this training?

“So I took the training to support my role as a sustainability manager & leader of Social Value efforts at Mace Spain. My goal was to amplify our positive social and environmental impact in real estate. In Spain, there’s a lack of comprehensive methodology within the sustainability & ESG frameworks to effectively address social strategies. Because of this, I was looking for a course that can, firstly, deepen my understanding, and secondly, guide me step-by-step on impactful management strategies.

I first found the course in one of Social Value International’s newsletters. My company also encouraged me to follow the training as they saw the benefits of my development. In the end, the training aligned with my career aspirations and empowered me to drive tangible impacts in real estate.”
“Taking the course when I did was perfect timing because we were working with a client that needed help developing their strategy of social value. They often asked about the metrics and the calculations and it was really helpful to be able to know how to answer their questions with what I had learnt from this course.”

What did you enjoy about the e-learning modules and the chapters?

“For me, the modules truly stood out for their interactive and enjoyable nature. The content was far from dull, featuring a mix of theory, exercises, and questions. A key aspect that resonated with me was understanding the importance of Social Value principles and effectively putting them into practice, which added a practical dimension to the learning experience. The modules transformed what could have been mundane into an exciting journey of discovery and application.

Also, the live sessions were incredibly valuable for someone like me with a busy schedule. It is normally a challenge to find uninterrupted time to complete the course on your own. However, these sessions provided me with the structure to digest the course material. Moreover, I felt a strong sense of community thanks to the instructor and fellow participants. That really added to the learning experience, making it more engaging and worthwhile.”

Did the training meet your expectations, and was there anything that stood out to you?

“It certainly did! The course went beyond the surface to provide a deep understanding of important concepts.

One thing that stood out to me was how the Principles guide the dimensions. It was really an insightful perspective on the core ideas or angles of impact management and how they were all interconnected. After the course, I feel much more confident to handle the complex aspects of impact management on my own. And, most importantly, I feel like I can now help others better with this development of mine.”

Are there other skills that you are looking to learn in the future?

“Definitely! I really want to keep learning and growing. I’m particularly interested in monetisation and SROI. It’s fascinating how everything we learn connects to our lives and can make things better. We can influence people and our environment in a good way, and that’s something I want to get better at every day. So, in the future, I’d like to learn more about these skills and how they can help us make a positive difference.”

Would you recommend us, or our course to others?

“Absolutely. I’d recommend Efiko Academy to anyone seeking to refine their knowledge or skills in impact management to master the intricacies of the topic. They offer an enriching educational experience that I believe everyone should explore.”
Impact Measurement course image (square)

Impact Measurement: Applying the Principles of Social Value and SROI

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