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Insightful pieces and events to drive positive social & environmental impact

Cover of the Impact Strategy Handbook
Impact Strategy Design Handbook
In this article, we will delve into key areas of the handbook and explore how businesses can effectively implement Impact Strategy.
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Article featured image: Impact Standards
Sustainability Standards: 4 Keys to Understanding the Landscape
Discover how to differentiate between impact management and sustainability reporting standards to appreciate their complementarities and added...
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The Social Value Professional Pathway
Social Value Professional Pathway - A Sneak Peek
In this article, we will introduce the Professional Pathway put forward by Social Value International (SVI). We will begin by understanding the...
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Designing a Theory of Change: A step-by-step guide (featured image)
Theory of Change: A Step-by-Step Guide
Investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating social change know that their work can be complex and challenging. However, the...
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Article featured image (Outcome valuation article)
3 benefits of valuing social and environmental outcomes
In this article, we bust important myths and highlight the key benefits of valuing social and environmental outcomes in order to manage your...
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