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Louis Wouters

Making stakeholder engagement truly meaningful

Making stakeholder engagement truly meaningful

Meaningful stakeholder engagement refers to the routine interaction with any relevant stakeholders, including those individuals that are affected by your decisions, with the openness to adjust your services based on their feedback. Yet, currently, stakeholder engagement is used more as a buzzword as opposed to its purpose of tangibly influencing decision making. So how do we turn stakeholder engagement from just a buzzword to a meaningful and practical process?

Tying financial remuneration of fund managers to impact

Tying financial remuneration of fund managers to impact

In mainstream investing, success is measured through financial performance – returns. To align fund managers’ interests, their carry is tied to it. If impact investing promises both financial and impact performance, should we link compensation accordingly?

4 steps for effective stakeholder engagement

4 steps for effective stakeholder engagement

To effectively measure and manage social and environmental impact, numerous measurement methodologies mention engaging with stakeholders as a key practice. Although stakeholder engagement seems like a simple process, there is still a lack of adequate implementation. So how can we effectively engage with stakeholders and act upon the outcomes to improve operations while maximising the impact of our work?

Maximising Impacts: Listening to Marginalised Voices

How does an organisation effectively listen and take account of the views of their stakeholders (with the resources they have) – particularly those affected by decisions that are often marginalised, so they can improve their impacts?

Maximising Impacts: From Rhetoric to Reality

How does an organisation make sure that its resources and the decisions it takes not only create positive impacts, but maximise impacts? On this topic, we warmly welcome Amanda Feldman and Jeremy Nicholls.

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