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Maximising Impacts: From Rhetoric to Reality

How does an organisation make sure that its resources and the decisions it takes not only create positive impacts, but maximise impacts? On this topic, we warmly welcome Amanda Feldman and Jeremy Nicholls.

Hosted by the Efiko Academy and Social Value International.

Agendas such as the global sustainable development goals show us what is needed to achieve a sustainable future for all and avoid surpassing tipping points from which the human species may never recover. And whilst there is agreement on the need to achieve them, and some progress, we are not creating significant impacts at the pace required to create a more equitable society and sustainable planet.

Impact management is rapidly increasing in recognition. Yet, there remain challenges faced by organisations of all types, be they large multinational businesses, small private or social enterprises, impact investors, or intermediaries, in how to make impact maximisation a reality.

So, how does an organisation make sure that its resources and the decisions it takes not only create positive impacts, but maximises impacts? On this topic, we invited

  • Jeremy Nicholls – SVI Non-Executive Director and Advisor to the Impact Management project
  • Amanda Feldman – co-founder of the Impact Management Project and among others, Engagement Lead for SDG Impact (UNDP)

This is a first of a series of webinars on how global standards are developing that can guide you and your organisation to make sense of impact management, and make impact maximisation a reality for you! Watch it now by registering below. 

Make sure you check out our article too which summarises the top tips you can learn from his webinar.

Get access to the full webinar recording!

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