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"The Structuring Hybrid Impact Investments course content was world-class. The Efiko team have gone above and beyond in creating this fantastic resource for impact investors"
With a background in Venture Capital, Investment Manager Andrew Gray took our Structuring Hybrid Impact Investments course once...
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Who Are the Key Players in Driving the Development of an Impact Skilled Workforce-4
Who are the key players in driving the development of an impact skilled workforce?
We already know that learning and teaching impact skills to the current and future workforce is essential to reach climate targets and address...
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How to embed impact incentives into deal making
Watch our one-hour conversation with industry experts and practitioners and discover how impact incentives can help you better structure deals...
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Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Teaching Impact Skills (1)
Green Skills: Bridging the Gap
In this article we underscore the urgency of upskilling workers in green skills to drive economic sustainability and address the climate crisis....
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Making stakeholder engagement truly meaningful
Making stakeholder engagement truly meaningful
Meaningful stakeholder engagement refers to the routine interaction with any relevant stakeholders, including those individuals that are affected...
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