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Insightful pieces and events to drive positive social & environmental impact

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3 benefits of valuing social and environmental outcomes
In this article, we bust important myths and highlight the key benefits of valuing social and environmental outcomes in order to manage your...
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Impact measurement standards how to see the forest for the trees
Impact measurement standards: how to see the forest for the trees
A quick search on ChatGPT for “what impact measurement standards should my organisation comply with?” reveals a long list of options - from...
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"The Structuring Hybrid Impact Investments course content was world-class. The Efiko team have gone above and beyond in creating this fantastic resource for impact investors"
With a background in Venture Capital, Investment Manager Andrew Gray took our Structuring Hybrid Impact Investments course with...
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"Thanks to Efiko, we are more on the same page. We became more aligned."
Wouter is the co-director of the 2ID Foundation, a board member of the Social Value Foundation, and was involved with the European Network Against...
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"The training provided me the needed insights for developing our impact measurement framework"
Darko Ciglar has experienced first-hand how impact measurement and management became a priority focus for impact-driven businesses in his role...
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