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⏰ Social Business Valuation training: Final Call for Registrations - Live Sessions starting April 8th

Insightful pieces and events to drive positive social & environmental impact

Leveraging impact data for business growth
Leveraging impact data for business growth
Data, a key tool in the world of finance, yet often ignored in the scene of social impact management. But how to manage without measuring? Experts...
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Impact data: from business intelligence to growth
How can an organisation implement effective impact management and reporting practices that capitalise on business intelligence to improve operations...
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Financing the SDGs_ How To Take a Leap Forward
Financing the SDGs: How To Take a Leap Forward
Set to miss the 2030 targeted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we ask ourselves what role the financial sector has to play to reach the...
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Efiko Impact webinar financing the sdgs: undp & oecd standards towards 2030 with belissa rojas and priscilla boiardi
Financing the SDGs: UNDP & OECD standards towards 2030
How can investors and enterprises make genuine progress towards reaching the SDGs - at the scale that is required to achieve them by 2030? And...
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Investing for Impact Good but not Enough
Investing for Impact: Good but not Enough?
Impact investing catches the imagination of people and organisations as the new source of hope in our collective ability to address the SDGs....
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