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Missing Middle
Missing Middle Challenge - How can Impact Investors make it less ‘Missing?’
In this article, we share some essential tips for investors who want to help create a level playing field and invest in early-stage ventures...
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Article featured image: How to start Impact measurement as an early stage enterprise
3 tips to kickstart your impact measurement journey
In this article, we provide three tips for you to kickstart your impact measurement journey in a pragmatic, result-oriented and efficient way.
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ESG vs Impact Investing Featured Image
ESG vs Impact Investing: 3 Characteristics and Differences
In this article, we will explore the core characteristics of impact investing—additionality, intentionality, and measurability—and delve into...
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Competence framework featured image
Career Guide: The Competence Framework for Impact Investment Analysts
This Competence Framework provides a comprehensive roadmap for individuals seeking to excel in impact investment analysis. More specifically,...
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How to embed impact incentives into deal making
Watch our one-hour conversation with industry experts and practitioners and discover how impact incentives can help you better structure deals...
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