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How to embed impact incentives into deal making

Watch our one-hour conversation with industry experts and practitioners and discover how impact incentives can help you better structure deals and explore our training opportunity of Innovative Impact Deal Structuring by FASE to advance your practice.

Embedding impact incentives into deal making. Hosted by the Efiko Academy and FASE.

Impact investing is becoming mainstream, but so are the concerns about impact washing. Truly supporting impact ventures as investors requires innovative ways to prioritise impact with hybrid deal structures, impact-linked repayments and returns, and mission-aligned exits.

So, how can financial instruments be structured to contribute to tackling the needs of vulnerable people and ecosystems whilst offering a fair compensation to investors? What incentives can be included for investors and investees to strengthen their impact mission?

On this topic, we warmly welcome Aglaé Touchard-Le Drian, Partner at Raise Impact, one of the largest impact funds targeting European impact businesses. Aglaé has been involved in impact investing throughout her career, among others at the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the SIA fund (Social Impact Accelerator in Europe) of the European Investment Fund (EIF).

We are equally excited to introduce Alejandra Baigun, Associate at iGravity, an advisory and investment firm specialising in impact investments and innovative financing for development. She has built expertise at Acrux Partners and the Inter-American Development Bank in structuring innovative finance tools to support the scaling of social and impact enterprises.

Our course brought to you in collaboration with FASE focuses on impact deal structuring and instruments you can use to scale ventures and maximise their social impact. Read more here.

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